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VSET (Vishwa Seva Educational Trust), a not-for-profit organization established in 2003, is a movement to promote LivingValues i.e. values in action. The vision 'Together for a joyful world' is aimed to be achieved through propagating the awareness of one's connect with society and nature.

With a strong conviction that goodness is in everyone and that a non-judgemental ambiance would kindle and enable this goodness to blossom, VSET has been conducting sustained interactive programs on LivingValues for students in standards 7 to 12, teachers and parents. 

Sustained interactions allow students to think by themselves, decide their own co-ordinates in the values space and understand the role played by society and nature in their lives. Outcomes have been profound, with the general feedback from schools being that the students have become more sensitive and responsible.

Presently VSET programs reach out to more than 100,000 students across different States in India.

Programs   Content

After interacting with different segments of the society since 2003,it was felt that the best way to provide an ambiance such that humaneness gets kindled, is to have sustained interactions with the same set of participants on regular intervals.

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Content Content is the backbone of VSET's programs.
Contents used in the JoyClub sessions are well researched, customised to the target segment, dynamic, contemporary, and filtered to ensure that it is 'fit-for-use'.
This is managed by the in-house Knowledge Management team.
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Facilitation   Outcomes
VSET has been working since 2003 towards propagating the awareness of one's connect with the society and nature through its JoyClub programs with the belief that each one is innately good; and that the goodness only needs to be kindled.
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The outcomes of VSET's programs have been profound. Students, parents, teachers, school management and other stakeholders in communities have shared many insights, instances and incidents that highlight the positive  impact  of the program.
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 Strategy   Volunteer
Youth is the hope of present and future. Children and youth are open to new ideas and are in the process of building its convictions. Based on inputs from various quarters, VSET decided to focus on youth as its target audience; particularly students studying in Standard 7 to 10. Also, to ensure that teachers and parents of these students play a supportive role, programs have been designed for them too.
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Volunteer Wherever you are, whatever you do, there is an opportunity for you to participate in this LivingValues movement.

Come, join us, become a volunteer to take this movement forward…
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