Residential Camp

The residential is held at our expansive scenic campus at Kalpetta for a period of one and half days. The session begins with an icebreaker energizing the participants to connect and bond among themselves and with the VSET team and the environs.

The sessions have been tailored to suit different age groups starting from 5th standard to Masters and B. Ed students. Modules include self-reflection identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses and abilities, creativity, importance of education, practicing gratitude etc. VSET limits the ideal participation number to 35 students. This is to enhance person to person engagement and involvement of the participants.

The programs offer the participants an opportunity to identify and appreciate their innate natural goodness. They get to share their views and opinions freely without being judged or criticised, leading to discovering their own coordinates in the Values space.

This journey at VSET assists students to develop their outer productive efficiency (academic excellence) along with inner character efficiency (human values).

VSET camps present an experience to students that are highly interactive, thought provoking and last but not the least a treatise with nature.